Top 5 Best Weight Lifting Belt Reviews


Why you should consider utilizing a weight lifting belt next time you hit the gym?

Wearing a weight lifting belt has many advantages whilst training on the gym. Mainly, this is due with the idea of intra-abdominal force or pressure.

In other words, wearing these belts leads to a greater pressure in the abdominal area, which ensures your core and back remain stabilized at all times.

This is great for your spine and gives you the confidence and safety that you can increase your weights and ultimately improve your overall performance.

Many power lifters are sworn users of weight lifting belts. There are a few, however, who care less about them.

Also, a lot of bodybuilders believe that putting on such belts provide better safety and enhanced performance.

We´ve created this guide and carefully picked the top 5 best weight lifting belts based on the pros and cons of both the products and customers reviews. We hope we can simplify your search by narrowing them down into 5.

1) Toro Bravo Lever Powerlifting Belt

The Toro Bravo Lever Powerlifting Belt is a high quality belt that is designed to be durable and to enhance your performance. Its chrome-plated level with tight tolerance is an awesome feature that comes along with this product.

This belt is made in the USA from North American leather and suede. On the back of it, you have a beautiful embroidery of the Toro log. The 10mm-thick level belt has 3 rows of stitching.

This is an IPF-approved product, so you can rest assured about its quality and adherence to quality standards.

2) Shape That Fits Lifting Belt

With its natural shape, this weight lifting belt is nice and a great fit for many body-weight lifters. The design of the belt allows it to comfortably contour your hips and ribs.

Made of stainless steel, the bar buckle and double closure prevent the belt from loosening and keep it firmly wrapped around your body.

The belt is easy to adjust with its velcro. It also ensures a smooth fitting which is critical for proper abdomen support.

3) Polypro Dip Belt

The Polypro Dip Belt is included in many belt reviews as a high quality product. Made by Harbinger, this belt is made from polypropylene which is known for being a tough and durable material.

It is easy to use as it comes with a 30 inch steel chain. The stability provided by this belt is also improved due to its speed clips.

Although typically dips and chin-ups are some of the most common exercises people utilize this belt for, its lightweight feel also allows it to be used for a plethora of other activities and exercises.

4) Women’s Deadlift Belt in Pink

Made from 2-3 ply thick material, this 3-inch wide belt is among the top weight lifting belts. It also has a Velcro closure which makes it suitable for even the toughest weight lifting exercises. A true heavy-duty weight lifting belt.

The belt can be used for a variety of exercises including weightlifting, power lifting, and cross-fit training. In order to find the belt size that is right for you, you need to get your correct measurement and then take out 2 inches from it. This Dead lift belt provides you with the best support without constricting your breathing airways.

You will get the needed back support as you lift weights and do other heavy-duty exercises.

This belt is available in a girly pink color which is why it topped our list for the best weightlifting belts for women.

5) Big Mike’s Fitness Weight Lifting Belt

A high quality belt should protect your body without affecting your performance. The Big Mike’s Belt provides you with exactly just that.

It enables you to have longer weightlifting sessions while at the same time preventing hyper-extension or unnecessary injuries.

The suede lining on the belt is designed to lend more comfort and support to your spine and the entire lower back area. It is a good option for most fitness levels.

As a measure against slippery, double loops and double-prong buckle are included as part of the build of this belt. Worry not about the belt coming loose and focus only on getting through with your weightlifting session.

Bottom line,

All these weight lifting belts have their advantages and disadvantages whereby an affordable belt isn’t such good quality and vice versa, and it is now up to you to determine whether you can work with these downsides.

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