Top 5 Best Mattress Under $500 Reviews


Why Should You Get a Good Mattress?

A good mattress is crucial if you want to have a deep and restful sleep. This is very important to ensure you have a healthy lifestyle and remain productive at work.

You must be wondering, that in order to achieve the above, you will have to spend a fortune on a good mattress… but you actually don’t need to buy an expensive mattresses in order to get this kind of fulfilling sleep and rest.

Also consider, that this will ultimately be an investment that will benefit you in the long-term both to improve the quality of your sleep and to enable you to avoid any back-pain factors that can always end up being quite annoying.

We have compiled a list of 5 mattresses to find the best ones under $500. These are mattresses produced by familiar brands in the market so you can rest assured to get good value for an affordable price.

This guide will help you pick an affordable mattress for your bedroom that will provide you with the appropriate comfort and sleep you deserve without spending a crazy amount of money.

1) Sleep Innovations 10-inch Sure Temp Memory Foam Mattress

The Sleep Innovations 10-inch Sure Temp Memory Foam Mattress is a popular choice on Amazon. It has raving reviews from customers and was awarded 4.4 stars out of a possible 5 by the reviewers. You will be able to pick one of these queen-size mattresses for around $500.

This mattress was designed to provide you with the proper quality sleep and comfort your body deserves.

One issue that buyers may be concerned about it is the heat that could result from the use of it’s memory foam. This issue was not overlooked by Sleep Innovations as the Sleep Innovations Sure Temp mattress is made in such a way so that heat is dispersed and not trapped.

Made of a 7-inch high-density foam topped with a 3-inch Sure

Temp memory foam, this mattress has open-cell construction that allows air to flow through the mattress. This innovative technology resolves the problem of heat; the mattress can also handle pressure points providing good support to the entire body and adapting to the person’s weight.

Unlike soft mattresses, a foam mattress provides firm support thanks to its dense layers of foam.

2) Best Price Mattress 8-inch Memory Foam Mattress

If you are after a cheap mattress for your bedroom, Best Price Mattress is one of the best options you will find. This mattress has a memory foam layer of 8 inches that is topped with 2 inches of high-density memory foam.

The base of the mattress provides good airflow throughout the mattress thanks to the CoolAir technology. As the air circulates through the 5-inch base, heat is dispersed.

This mattress doesn’t feel neither too firm nor too soft. It is kind of in the middle, which allows it to adapt to the weight and shape of your body and its pressure points.

This is a very important measure to keep the body parts, head, neck and back well aligned and prevent any specific pains. The end part of this low-budget mattress is a cover made of some of the best materials available on the market.

3) Simmons Beautyrest Black

The Simmons Beautyrest Black takes comfort and quality sleep to the next level. It is made with the Variform Advanced Pocketed Coil system. These spring rows in this system are flexible and adaptable. Their degree of firmness and softness changes to provide you with better support and comfort.

The Transflexion Comfort Technology further enhances this system by tackling undesirable loft or firmness.This mattress is durable and built to last. It comes with a 10-year warranty. Its fabrics combine cashmere and modal yarn.

You will find the Simmons Beautyrest Black available in a variety of mattress types. In comparison to the other mattresses featured here, this could prove a bit expensive but that’s a good price for a comfortable, durable and stylish mattress.

4) Dreamfoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Mattress

The Dreamfoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Mattress is less expensive than the Sleep Innovations mattress featured above. The Tri-Zone technology enables it to manages the weights of different bodies on the mattress so that they do not affect each other. Each zone is independent of the other.

In simple terms, even if your partner is quite heavy, your side of bed will not feel that heaviness as it will only affect his side.

This mattress strikes a balance in terms of support as it is neither too soft nor too firm. This 11-inch thick mattress comes with an attractive cover that is soft and ranks on the higher end with regards to quality. This is an American-made product that was once the best product on the market in its category.

5) Night Therapy SC-EBT-13Q-BF

Unlike the other products on this list above, the Night Therapy SC-EBT-13Q-BF is much more than just a mattress. It is a complete bed set. When you buy this product, you will get an innerspring mattress that is 13 inches thick and a box spring. By making this investment, you will be saving money as you will no longer need to buy a box spring to place under your mattress.

To combat the pains associated with pressure points, this mattress has 3 separate layers of foam inside the innerspring mattress. This bed set is a breeze to assemble: rip it out of the box, place the box spring on your bed frame, and then the mattress.

That’s it. The consumers on Amazon left reviews appreciating how comfortable the mattress is. They also complemented the fact that the Night Therapy SC-EBT-13Q-BF does not produce any odors when it is used for the first time.

Bottom line,

It’s essential that you choose a mattress that suits you well and addresses all of your specific needs. You need to consider that this will ultimately be an investment that will run for the long-term and will provide you with an immediate benefit concerning both your health and quality of sleep. 

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