Top 5 Best Baby Monitor for Two Rooms Reviews

Baby monitors for two rooms are popular among families with baby twins but they are also commonly used by people with a single baby. With a good baby monitoring system, you will be able to hear your baby crying even when you are not around.

A two-room baby monitor allows you to keep an eye on two different rooms and is generally a more efficient solution than buying two baby monitors. Based on our research, we have created this list outlining the top 5 best baby monitor for two rooms.

By following the advice provided here, you should be able to make a better decision as to which monitor to pick.


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1) Vtech Communications Safe And Sound Digital Audio Monitor With 2 Parent Units

Established in 1976, Vtech has grown and now ranks amongst one of the biggest producers of electronic devices including cordless phones and other electronic products that can be used for children.

This model like any other monitor makes it possible for you to hear your baby cry as you are either busy in the kitchen or around the house. An impressive feature of this piece of equipment is its remote soothing function which is a very practical feature that moms will be sincerely love it.

Key Features Contained In It´s Package

This is an easy to set up dual baby monitor from Vtech. All the specs and items you need to use this device are already included in the package. It also has an attractive modern look.

An outstanding feature of this monitor is that its able to soothe and talk to your baby as long as you are within 1000 foot range from it.

Despite calling this device a “baby” monitor, it can be used to monitor and take care of any person that is confined to a specific place such as a sick child, or an elderly relative. The remote communication is two-way. You can hear their talk or call and they can hear too.

The Vtech two room baby monitor got top ratings and amazing reviews from customers. Parents expressed their satisfaction with the performance of the equipment as it responded well to their needs. Here is a selection of features that parents highly appreciated:

As for the problems that people had with this monitor, sound level and link loss were called out by some parents. A few parents complained that the sound level was not loud enough. Others reported link loss between the two units. Some of them managed to re-establish the link by going through the guidelines provided in the manual but a few could not.

All in all, most customers were happy with this dual camera baby monitor and felt it was just what they needed.

2) Summer Infant Dual View Digital Video Baby Monitor

The Summer Infant Dual View Digital Video Baby Monitor comes with nearly all the bells and whistles that you would expect to find in a modern baby monitor. It has two digital cameras that feature multi-level zoom as well as automatic black & white view. The parent unit offers a stunning 3.5 inch LCD screen.

You can easily monitor several rooms or children thanks to the Summer Infant Multi-View function. This baby monitoring system is assured to work with a range of up to 600 feet.

With great features such as adjustable sound level and brightness and the Summer Infants split-screen technology, you will find this monitor extremely useful and handy.

If for any reason you need to have more than 2 cameras, you can easily turn this device into a four room baby monitor with the purchase of two extra cameras. Only two cameras are included in the package though.

With the built-in belt clip, this monitor is highly portable and gives you the freedom of working around the house without the hassle of holding it in your hand or placing it somewhere where you may forget to pick it up. 

The rechargeable batteries will save you money in the long term. A kick-stand is provided for convenient placement and positioning.

The baby monitor unit can be mounted on the wall or placed on tabletop due to the adjustable/swivel camera design. This flexibility is invaluable as it spares the hassle of moving things around the room for the sake of creating a good monitoring spot. Security clips and mounting hardware are included for this purpose.

Taking into account all the bells and whistles discussed above and the reasonable price of this product, we can confidently recommend it as the best multi-room baby monitor.

You can consult the many positive reviews and the high ratings this monitor scored on Amazon

This baby monitoring system with two cameras is another fine product in the line of devices produced by Summer Infant. They are well-known for providing high quality products in this niche. One take on this multi-camera baby monitor lies in the run-time of its rechargeable batteries which is not super great. It leaves something to be desired.

Features of Summer Infant Dual View Digital Video Baby Monitor

Overall, this is our favorite choice amongst our top 5 list

3) AngelCare Movement and Sound Monitor Deluxe Plus

The AngelCare Movement and Sound Monitor Deluxe Plus is a great product that you need to check if you need to keep an eye on multiple children or rooms. It comes packed with all the features and functions, you could expect a modern monitor to provide.

Features of AngelCare Two-Room Baby Monitor2 Parent units

The advantage of having double pads is that you get good coverage of the baby’s crib at all times even when the baby moves around in its crib, you will still be able to monitor him.

This dual transmitter baby monitor had incredible feedback from customers and it is also one of the best rated items in this category.

4) Samsung SEW-3036WN

The Samsung SEW-3036WN integrates the high definition technology developed by Samsung and found in many other products of this brand. The camera on this baby monitor offera a high quality VGA display. With a considerable range of 800 foot, the parents can safely work anywhere in the house or even in the backyard and still be able to watch over their child.

This Samsung baby monitor provides clear vision even during the night since it incorporates a night vision function which can be really handy.

You have the freedom to upgrade your monitoring system and include up to four cameras. It also features the talk-back capability so you can soothe the baby remotely.

5) Motorola MBP36 Wireless Video Baby Monitor

The Motorola MBP36 Wireless Video Baby Monitor is a very advanced product with a bunch of impressive features that all serve a single purpose: giving you the peace of mind that you derive from seeing your baby sleep peacefully and letting you know if you ever need to step in.

This high quality video baby monitor offers you a 3.5 inch full color LCD screen that supports tilting, zooming and panning.

Features of Motorola MBP36 Video Baby Monitor

On your LCD screen, you will have a feed display of all the different camera views that you can scroll through and see what the baby is up to. You can also switch from this multi-view mode and have your unit show the view of only a single camera.

Overall, this a top of the line multi-room baby monitor with two baby units included the package and extra cameras available on demand that many parents adore and swear by.

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