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Why should you get a travel power adapter?

If you are the kind of person that travels a lot, you will want to avoid facing a situation where your travel power adapter doesn´t work.

The voltage, frequency and type of the electrical socket varies with different countries. For example the voltage, frequency and the power socket of U.S.A is different from that of U.K.

U.S.A – 110 Volt,60Hz.

U.K – 230 Volt,50Hz.

The travel adapter is used merely to change the shape of the live and neutral leads such that it matches to that of your wall charger. The travel adapter merely does shape conversion of the live and neutral leads of the plug between input and output. 

If you do not choose carefully your power adapter, you may find yourself being unable to both charge and use your electronic devices (e.g, laptop, phone, tablets, etc)

There are however many great travel power adapters that can find a line and help you solve your problem regardless of where you are traveling.

Below we have compiled a list of the top 10 best travel adapters in bid to simplify your search.

1) All-in-One Travel Power Plug Adapter for US, UK, EU, AU

The all in one travel power plug adapter is one device that can solve your problems wherever it is that you may be traveling. It is able to convert US style power lines into something that can fit the many different varieties and types of power outlet sties that you will find in other countries.

Many customers like this adapter because it is compact and light to carry. It also comes with a small carrying case made of cloth.

Universal on both sides this power adapter can be used to fit any kind of plaque.

2) Maxah All In One Universal Worldwide Travel Wall Charger

Another great travel power adapter is this all in one universal worldwide travel wall charger which is currently selling online at a great price. You can use it to power up your electronic devices such as your smart phone, tablet or computer anywhere you find yourself in.

It also has a compacting design and you can carry it around easily.

Another great feature is that it comes with many different adapters that will suit different situations in different countries.

It is claimed to be functional in over 150 countries. This is why we’ve chosen this product to be one of the best travel adapters. 

Finally, its affordable price and combined quality makes it stand out from its competitor around the market. 

3) IGo Everywhere85 Power Adapter

IGo Everywhere85 power adapter is another choice that should consider when buying a travel adapter.

You can use it around the world to recharge the MP3 player or laptop. It’s a small adapter that you can easily fit in your car’s cigarette lighter or even on an airplane.

The plug adapters that come in the package can provide 70 W of power to any device that you plug in them.

4) Orei M8 Plus

This product is one of the most popular travel adapters on the market. The +2000 reviews that it has received, clearly show that most customers are satisfied with it.

In average, it has received a 4.6 stars out of five which is sincerely amazing.

This travel adapter is able to take two or three prong grounded and ungrounded plugs worldwide. It can also be plugged into the power outlets of any country around the world. In addition, You can also change the face to get 5 V 2.1 IMP USB ports.

The circular face is designed to function for European plugs due that many European power plants are recessed and the square adapter will not fit in them at all.

However you need to keep in mind that this is not a converter but it’s just a travel adapter that will work with any voltage device that is 100 to 240 V.

5) Mudder – Universal All In One International Travel Power Converter Plug Adapter Charger

The universal all in one international travel power converter plug adapter charger is another great solution for any frequent traveler.

It comes with built-in safety shutters to protect the user from getting an electric shock. They are also there to protect your devices from any short circuit.

If by any change this ever occurs, the adapter will automatically stop charging. When your devices are fully charged, the adapter will also automatically stop charging.

In addition, it also works great for pushing through the blanks because of its built-in automatic locking and releasing structure. Despite the many blanks that it has only one plaque can be used at same the time.

The built-in party nation plugs are there for you to select from depending on the kind of wall outlets that you have. It’s a great choice in case you are traveling overseas.

6) BESTEK® Portable 6A Universal Travel Adapter

The compact and slim design of this adapter makes it highly portable and convenient to carry around. You may even put it in your pocket.

The cooling fans on the size of these universal adapter will keep its cool and prevent it from overheating. There are three 110 fold sockets to choose from or to use for different devices.

Also, there are four USB charging ports for your electronic gadgets. 

The interchangeable blackheads are designed and claimed to be functional in over 150 countries. There’s also a LED indicator as well as a surge protector. A short circuit protection is included as well on this device.

7) Conair Franzus Dual Wattage International Converter Set Model TS2000CK

The Conair wattage international converter set is designed to work for the people who typically travel overseas. It works great for charging most US appliances that are rated zero – 2000 W. A high low wattage selector switch is there to help adapt the current tour device.

Low wattage is used for devices such as battery chargers, curling irons, electric shavers, etc. The high setting however is convenient for appliances such as steamers, irons, and hairdryers.

You can easily convert the electricity with this adapter to suit most US appliances and devices.

With this adapter you will have five polarized adapter plugs which gives you access to power in most foreign countries. Customers liked the simplicity of the its design and its ease-of-use and portability.

8) Ceptics Small Size Worldwide International Travel Plug Adapter Kit

If you are looking for a travel adapter that is small and compact you should consider this option. This worldwide travel adapter is definitely a high-quality product and you can buy it at an affordable price.

Many customers who bought this travel adapter were happy about it and they even recommended it to their friends. You can rest assure that if you choose this option you will get an amazing product for a cheap price in return.

9) Kensington Universal AC/DC Power Adapter with Retractable Cord

This universal AC/DC power adapter claims to guarantee laptop compatibility. It will allow you to recharge your appliances and devices anywhere in the world. It also comes with some safety measures to protect your devices against power surge.

Similar to some of the travel adapter that we reviewed above, this adapter can recharge several devices at the same time. It also comes equipped with DC and AC inputs which is fantastic.

10) Kikkerland UL03-A Universal Travel Adapter

The lightest worldwide travel adapter is the UL 03 – a universal travel adapter. It’s a perfect choice for most people who prefer to travel light. It has two parts which can combine to form nine black combinations.

You are guaranteed to have access to power in over 150 countries. It is like you are playing around with it a toy trying to combine its various ways.

To use the adapter effectively, you need to read the instruction manual. This will allow you to understand how the different combinations work. The design however is pretty simple and straightforward including only the necessary parts and features. Made ABS plastic these adapter is pretty lightweight and weighs only 1.6 ounces.

The six day 110 – 250 V rating is one that will surely work for most countries. It´s a pragmatic and cheap option that can surely fit your needs.

Final Words

All these travel adapters have their advantages and disadvantages whereby an affordable travel adapter isn’t such good quality and vice versa, and it is now up to you to determine whether you can work with these downsides.

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