Top 10 Best Head Shavers for Men Reviews


Why Should You Shave?

There are many reasons why people choose to shave there head. It can be that you are starting to experience balding, and would like to avoid that weird and uncomfortable look. It may be styling or avoiding taking care of your hair in the morning hence gaining more time for yourself.

Also, in case you decide to shave your head you will be budgeting a lot as you won´t need to spend extra money on the hairdresser, shampoo, conditioner, hair products and tools.

It will provide you a fresh and younger look, plus increasing your self-confidence and manhood.

Which Option To Choose?

After performing a detailed research on the market, we came up with this guide which outlines the top 10 best head shavers for men. Hopefully this simplifies your search. Now let´s dive into it.

1) Philips Norelco 1150X/46 Shaver 6100

The Phillips Norelco  1150 X/46 shaver 6100 is a grade head shaver foreman. The sense of touch shaver has 2-D desire of flex and skin glide. You can use it to perform a close shave of your head. The surface of this shaver is smooth and flat.

For an extra close shave using this Phillips head shaver the surface also includes around edges.

This will cause no irritation to your head skin. As part of the package you will get a cleaning brush, a charging stand, a cordless razor, a power cord, and an instruction manual that you can read just to learn how to operate these had shaver.

2) Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 Men’s Electric Shaver Wet/Dry with Nanotech Blades

The Panasonic ES 8100 3S Arc3 men’s electric shaver wet/dry with Glenwood Tech blades is one of the best head shavers on the market. The nano Tech blades of this shaver are pretty sharp. It’s a great grooming devise a foreman.

The pivoting head of this shaver can be easily adjusted and it can shave the head very well as it can trace the contours of your head. It provides you with an amazing shaving precision.

The 13,000 revolutions per minute motor is one notable feature of this product. It provides unmatched performance for shaving your head.

It´s especially powerful and will leave new hairs behind. The Turbo cleaning action mode of this Panasonic shaver is another excellent and top-notch feature. It operates at a speed of up to 17,000 rpm which is amazing. It ensures that all the hairs are clean out and nothing remains on the blade after shaving.

3) Braun Series 7-790cc Electric Shaver

The Brown series 7 – 790 mL electric shaver is an incredible product.  This head shaver is considered by some reviewers as the predecessor of the 799 mL model. It’s one of the most popular head shavers amongst men. What makes this shaver stand out from the crowd is that it comes with three personalization setting modes.

You can adjust this shaver to conform to the sensitivity of your skin by using these settings. You can’s switch from normal speed to intensive speed mode and vice versa.

The intelligent Sony technology that this head shaver is equipped with allows it to offer the user 10,000 micro vibrations for each stroke.

This is one of the products to use if you would like to have a quick and close shave. The pivoting shaving head rotates at 360° and ensures that you get the closer shave that you always wished to have. You can use it to shave your face and neck and head perfectly well. It has a modern design which is both attractive and appealing.

4) Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc 5

The Panasonic ES – LV 81 – K ARC five electric shaver/wet/dry with a multi-flex pivoting head and automatic cleaning system foreman is one of the top 10 best head shavers for men.

It has all the features that you would love to have in a shaver. This is a great wet and dry shaver that provide amazing shaving performance for most men.

The nano Tech blades are made of stainless materials and they are also hypoallergenic. The five blades operate at a rate of 14,000 cycles per minute. This is there to ensure that you get the closest and quickest possible possible. You can use it to perform both dry and wet shaves safely and perfectly.

In addition, it also comes equipped with an automatic cleaning system which cleans the blade after you utilized it. The lithium ion battery that runs this machine can be fully charged in less than an hour. Once fully charged this battery gives you an approximate life-span of 45 minutes. This is a great cordless head shaver foreman.

5) HeadBlade ATX All Terrain Head Razor

The head blade ATX all-terrain head razor ease rightly named and all-terrain razor. You can use this razor to shave your head and your face as well. In fact, it can be use for any part of your body . To provide top-notch performance this razor comes equipped with multiple blades.

It gives you the closest shave possible. You can use it to shave your legs, body, head, and face. If you would like a device that you can use for an easy and quick head shaving you should consider this all-terrain had razor.

The H before blades of this shaver are standard today. But you can also use HEB six blades on this shaver with no problem. The head blade ATX may seem like a mini version of the ATV model.

6) Phillips Norelco QC5550 Headgroomer

The Phillips Nolasco QC 5550 head groomer is another great option for shaving your head. This head shaver is light and easy to carry. It weighs only 0.2 ounces. It´s compact design makes it desirable especially if you are a constant traveler.

Phillips is known for its high quality around head shavers. This one is very affordable for any man.

Some of the features that we find in this affordable head shaver include a trimmer, two attachments, and detachable balder.

The rotating head of the shaver operates at 180°. There are also two cone attachments she can use when shaving your head. The lithium ion battery is rechargeable and provides you with distant runtime.

In addition, this Phillips head groomer is great for personal use and comes packed with some excellent features at a very affordable price tag. The group is an ergonomic and easy on the hand.

7) Braun Series 7-760cc Pulsonic Shaver System

The Brown series 7 – 760 mL sonic shaver system is a great performer when it comes to shaving your head. It operates at 10,000 micro vibrations. There are three personalization modes that you can choose from depending on the kind of shaving that you would like to have for your head.

It comes with a powerful motor and performs far end shaves accurately. It also comes equipped with the Brown clean and the new system which allows the shaver to clean itself automatically.

8) New 3D Men’s Rechargeable Washable Cordless Rotary Electric Shaver

The new 3-D lens rechargeable washable cordless Rotary electric shaver is an extraordinary product that you need to consider on your top list.

This electric shaver is designed meticulously. The in narrative design and technology that are offered by this shaver are top-notch. The pivoting shaving head of the device is of the highest quality around the market and it ensures that the shaver picks the hair even on curved surfaces.

It also performs greatly well on the angular lines found on the face of the shaver. This is one of the best personal grooming tools on the market for men.

9) Panasonic Arc4 Men’s Electric Shaver Wet/Dry with Multi-Flex Pivoting Head (ES-LA63-S)

The Panasonic part for men’s electric shaver wet/dry with multi-flex pivoting head ES – LA 63 – S is another great electric head shaver for men from the Masonic. It has a powerful motor that can operate at a rate of 14,000 cycles of revolutions per minute which is impressive.

Thanks to the foil head of this electric shaver, you will get a clean and close shave. This shaver is great to use even for those men who have sensitive skin. Using this shaver will ensure that you have no ingrown hair.

In addition,  it can be used to perform all kinds of shaving including wet and dry shaving. The water resistant construction of the device makes it suitable and safe to use even when you are taking a shower.

10) Skull And Face Electric Shaver By Skull Shaver

The skull and face electric shaver by scum shaver comes from a brand that is very popular and reputable. This electric shaver can be used to shave her on the head as well as on the face. If you would like to have a clean shave quickly you should consider buying this shaver.

It´s handle design is unique and elaborative and it is patent and by the company. It can work great for dry head shaving. You can have professional shaving at the comfort of your home.

Furthermore, you can use it to shave your neck and the back of your head quite easily. This device is equipped with five rotating blades to ensure an amazing performance. The battery takes between 2 to 4 hours to fully recharge and offers you a distant runtime.

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